Relief Admin Listing


RMAA'S Relief Administrators Listing

BABBINGS, Myrna Jean Oxbow

306-925-2227 or Cell: 306-483-7947  
BECENKO, Wendy Kamsack 306-590-7068

Short-term - prefer east side of province.  Willing to mentor

BELLEFEUILLE, Rhonda Shaunavon 306-297-7814  
DAHL, Bev Eatonia 306-967-2551 Short-term on west side of province
JOHNSTON, Gwen Weyburn 306-861-1709  
KWOCHKA, Tammie Weyburn Cell: 306-861-2477   Weyburn area Only
LAICH, Jane Wawota 306-435-9337  
MOEN, Wilma   306-741-6772   Short Term
MUMA, Lloyd Weyburn 306-842-6772  
OLECH, Diane Ituna 30-40 km radius of Ituna
OTTERSON, Hugh Canwood 306-468-2752 Available for short positions year round
POPE, Sharon Regina 306-761-1317 or C. 306-551-4994  
SHAW, Debra Swift current 306-774-4701 Available Jan. 1/19 anywhere and any timeframe.  Enjoy a challenge.  Willing to mentor.
WESTERHAUG, Donna   306-783-1569 or 306-641-4984 Yorkton area.


PLEASE NOTE: The R.M.A.A. does not endorse any of the individuals listed above other than to verify that they have a certificate of qualification. Names of persons interested in relief work are put on the list upon request. As with any hiring, we recommend checking references and previous employers.