Relief Admin Listing

RMAA'S Relief Administrators Listing

The RMAA does not endorse any of the individuals listed below other than to verify that they have a certificate of qualification.  We strongly recommend readers to do proper reference checks and research prior to engaging services of relief listing members.

Names of persons interested in relief work are put on the list upon request.


ARSENAULT, Debbie   306-441-8538
BABBINGS, Myrna Jean Oxbow 306-483-7947
BAVLE, Lana Virtual Training  306-774-4132
BELLEFEUILLE, Rhonda Shaunavon 306-297-7814
BOEHM, Rae R&M software mentor 306-677-2266
BOSER, Linda   306-774-9740
CRUISE-PRATCHLER, Michele   306-528-2131
DODD, Kelly   306-331-8540
FENDELET, Valerie   306-549-7639
HEWITT, Lynne Southern 306-577-9590
JOHNSTON, Gwen Weyburn 306-861-1709
KWOCHKA, Tammie Weyburn 306-861-2477  
MARTENS, Cheryl Regina + 306-370-8070
McCALLUM, Don   306-398-7840
POPE, Sharon Warman 306-551-4994
SHAW, Debra Swift Current 306-774-4701
TANCHAK, Alan Hafford 306-241-0318
TROMBLEY, Audrey Weyburn 306-861-5014