Board Committees

Board Committees


The resolutions committee is responsible for the collection and presentation of resolutions at our annual convention. This committee revolves yearly through the divisional directors.

Professional Development

The committee reviews the provisions of the RMAA's Professional Development Bylaw and monitors members annual credit hour standing to ensure compliance with the Bylaw. The Chair of this committee, together with Sask. Municipal Government's Board of Examiners appointee and SARM's Board of Examiners appointee, make up the 'Professional Development Mediation Committee' which, when necessary, is prepared to meet with an R. M. Council to convince them of the benefits of professional development and allow their administrator opportunity to annually earn the necessary credit hours.


This committee oversees the Municipal Curling Playdowns which are held each winter. The Divisional Directors arrange the playdown for their area with the winners playing off during the SARM Convention in March. It provides an excellent opportunity for members of council and administrators to get together in a social atmosphere.

Salary Negotiations

This committee is responsible for preparing the annual salary brief and meeting with SARM in October to finalize salary and other benefits for the coming year. This process has been ongoing since 1957 and has worked very well for both organizations involved. The brief is prepared in consultation with our membership through our divisional directors.

Local Government Administration Advisory

This committee represents our interests at the University of Regina with regards to the LGA program, which represents the educational requirements for our profession. We have the opportunity to comment on changes to the program and other policies pertaining to the courses involved.

Convention Seminars, Workshops & Guest Speakers

This committee helps with convention planning. Presenters for the seminars/workshops as well as the keynote speaker for the annual convention are arranged by this committee.

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is a 3 member Board comprised of an appointed member from the RMAA, SARM and the Board Secretary. Among its duties, this board makes decisions on certificate applications by Administrators and has the statutory powers to investigate the dismissal of an Administrator.


The Disciplinary Committee is appointed pursuant to Section 22(1) of The Rural Municipal Administrators Act. The policy of the Association for initiating an investigation of a member is: (a) upon written request of an employer council; (b) written request by another member of this Association; (c) written request by Sask. Municipal Government; (d) any other reason deemed appropriate by the committee.

Municipal Employees' Pension Plan

Our representative to the MEPP is responsible for representing our interests on the board. Questions or concerns that our membership or executive board may have relating to pensions for administrators are taken to the MEPP through our appointed member.


This committee's prime function is to secure a golf course and prepare the annual foursomes for the convention tournament. Liaison is conducted with the "Gang of Three" respecting prizes, trophies, golf brochure and the meal after golf. Two meetings are held with the "Gang of Three" to finalize budgets and tournament operations.

Executive & Finance

This committee deals with the review of the budget and financial position of our association, to ensure that our members are receiving good value for their membership dollar. This committee can also deal with matters of an emergent nature that may arise from time to time.

Municipal Programs & Steering

The Committee is comprise of the manager of Advisory Services plus three members from each of the UMAAS and the RMAA.  They meet informally and respectfully to discuss common municipal matters, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of Saskatchewan’s municipal system, learning from one another and to discover potential opportunities to bolster the municipal system while working in partnership to support it and foster communications amongst the member organizations.

Convention Sponsors & Door Prizes

This committee is responsible for raising new corporate and private sponsorship for the RMAA annual convention. The committee, in co-operation with the RMAA Executive-Director, also solicit commercial display booths and secures the door prizes for the annual convention banquet.

Rural Advisory Committee to SAMA

The committee makes recommendations to the SAMA Board on the following: - assessment practices and procedures - legislative amendments. In addition to the Rural Advisory Committee, the RMAA appointee also represents the RMAA on SAMA's: - Oil & Gas Liaison Committee which deals specifically with oil and gas assessment issues. - Assessment Appraiser Certification Committee which deals specifically with appraiser certification.

Enhanced Benefits

This committee is responsible for investigating and promoting better fringe benefits for our membership. Examples of this include increased holidays, addition of a dental plan and most recently, the introduction of the SARM's Extended Benefits Plan.

Mentor Co-ordination

If requested, this committee will put new RMAA members in touch with experienced members for help and advice.

Humanitarian Services

This committee investigates venues for our association to provide assistance to charitable pursuits.  Our current benefactor is Food Banks of Saskatchewan and we encourage our members to donate nutritious non-perishable food items at the annual convention.

Board of Reference

The Board of Reference has been established to deal with dismissals of R. M. Administrators as authorized under Section 56 of The Rural Municipality Act. The Board is made of an appointee from the R.M.A.A., an appointee from S.A.R.M. and a chairperson who is selected jointly by the 2 associations.

Council & Administrator Relations

The Relations Committee is intended to act as a liaison between a member of our association and their employing municipality when a breakdown in the relationship occurs. The committee may meet with the member, the employing municipality or both together to work on solutions and make recommendations to improve the relationship.

Recruitment, Retention & Retirement

This committee was formed in 2000 to address the shortage of administrators expected over the next few years. Their mandate is to recruit new people to the field through advertising, attendance at career fairs and contact with graduating students.  Now in 2023 the committee has added retention and retirement to their mandate.

RMAA Website

This committee is responsible for arranging for the development and maintenance of a website for the association.

Training & Workshops

This committee is made up of members from the RMAA, UMAAS and the Department of Government Relations and Aboriginal Affairs. It’s mandate is to arrange for and provide educational seminars on timely topics for municipal administrators throughout the Province.

Admins On The Go

This committee is responsible for arranging an alternate activity to golf, on the Monday preceding Convention, that allows Administrators to have fun and build long lasting networking relationships.

Asset Management

The Asset Management Committee participates with AM-SK to learn, educate and develope the path of managing assets for planning our communities infrastructure for the sustainable future.

Legislative Review

Alongside with other local government bodies, stakeholders and the Ministry legislative amendments and developments are reviewed and discussed before readings and adoption by the Legislative Assembly.

Personnel & Human Resources Ex-Officio to S.A.R.M.

Our President sits as Director Ex-Officio on the S.A.R.M. Board, He/She represents the R.M.A.A. at all Board meetings of our employer association.