Louis (Lou) Jacobs

Many people have contributed to the building of the Association to the position that we enjoy today. The founding officers and members deserve credit for providing the base for the solid structure we have today after 75 years. We have purposely avoided naming any of those who generously contributed their time and talents for the benefit of the Association and it's members, for to name some would undoubtedly lead to the omission of others who are just as deserving. However, there is one person who stood out above all others in his service and dedication to municipal government in Saskatchewan and to this Association and it's members. The late Louis (Lou) Jacobs, as a young municipal inspector, first attended an Executive meeting of the Associated Committee in 1923. The records show that he attended most of the Executive meetings for many years thereafter. As he rose through the ranks in the Department he attended and took an active part in every convention of the Association from 1923 until his retirement in 1960. His addresses at the conventions always conveyed some important information that was vital to the work in municipal offices. At all times he gave firm and positive advice to those secretary-treasurers who sought answers to their problems. He was most helpful to the Executive at all times but particularly in developing a course of studies and providing for certification. He also spent much time in assisting with the development of the superannuation plan.

Lou Jacobs was honored by the Association in 1973 when an award program was begun in his name. Appropriately, the award recognizes outstanding service in municipal government as well as to the community. Nominations for the award are received by the Executive each year and not more than one person is honored in a year.

Lou Jacobs Award Recipients

1973    Lorne Wilkinson

1974    Bert Sims

1975    Everett Murphy

1976    William H. Howes 

1977    F. William Pohlmann

1978    Howard S. Riddell                                        

1979    E.A. (Ted) Walters

1980    Grant Drysdale

1981    No Award

1982    Alex G. Vetzal

1983    William Kindrachuk

1984    Clara Weise

1985    Ken Hanson

1986    William Burbank

1987    Nick Bichel

1988    Boyd M. Anderson

1989    Gerald Parrott

1990    Doug Thompson

1991    Isaac (Ike) Thiessen

1992    No Award

1993    James W. Nochols

1994    Bernard Kirwan

1995    Walter Manley

1996    Douglas Empey

1997    Walter Antonio

1998    Dale Leflar

1999    Richard Sylvestre

2000    Edwin (Ebbie) Henry

2001    No Award

2002    Murray Oterson

2003    Sinclair Harrison

2004    Audrey Trombley

2005    Jim Angus

2006    Dale Malmgren

2007    Neal Hardy

2008    Jim Reiter

2009    No Award

2010    No Award

2011    Ken Engel

2012    Sam Edgerton 

2013    Donna Strudwick

2014    Graham McNamee

2015    David Marit

2016    Kevin Ritchie

2017    Don McCallum

2018    No Award

2019    No Award

2020    Rodney Schoettler

2021    No Award

2022    No Award

2023    No Award