The founding convention of the Associated Committee was held in Regina during the S.A.R.M. convention in March 1921. Resolutions passed at conventions of the Associated Committee were required to be submitted to the S.A.R.M. (the parent body) for their approval. The early conventions of the Associated Committee were held during the S.A.R.M. convention and it was customary for several reeves and councillors to attend since a special period was set aside during their convention.

In 1927 permission was requested of the S.A.R.M., and granted, to hold a two day conference in Regina. This was the beginning of separate conventions being held. Conventions were held in Regina until 1944 when it was held in Saskatoon for the first time. Since then they have alternated between the two cities.

Convention programs have provided addresses by personnel of the Department of Municipal Affairs and other government departments speaking on topics relating to municipal government and other programs. New and amending legislation is discussed and resolutions offered as amendments to legislation when it is deemed advisable. They also provide a forum for members to exchange ideas and methods for improvement in their work. Beginning in 1942, and for some years afterward, the conventions were designated "Convention and Summer School". Opportunity is taken at conventions to make various awards for the year. The Pohlman Christmas Seal Trophy for the division raising the most money in the Christmas Seal Campaign has been on the program since 1941. The Lou Jacobs Award is also made during the convention in the years when an award is being made. As well, retiring members are presented with Service Awards.

There are various social events for members and their spouses during the conventions, with various sponsors, all of whom have some relationship to rural municipal government. The main social feature that has endued for years began in 1928 and continues until now. It is the annual banquet and dance. At first there was no sponsorship for this event and those who attended paid their own way. It is noted that the Hotel Saskatchewan, the most prestigious hotel in Regina, charged the rate of 75 cents per plate in 1935! Over the years Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Saskatchewan Municipal Hail and the Department of Municipal Affairs (later the Department of Rural Development) sponsored the banquet and the S.A.R.M. sponsored the dance that followed. In 1927 the Associated Committee received a letter from Saskatchewan Co-operative Wheat Producers expressing appreciation to the rural municipal secretary-treasurers for their assistance in building up their organization since 1923. This is probably the reasons they tendered the banquet for several years. A golf tournament for members who wish to participate immediately following the convention was started in 1934 and continued to this date.