There was some discussion on the matter of enlarging rural municipalities as far back as 1941. In 1960 the Provincial Government brought forth a proposal to re-organize the rural municipalities of the province into larger municipal units or counties. A Continuing Committee was appointed to hold meetings throughout the province to explain the proposal to rural residents in an attempt to gain their support for the proposal. Maps had been prepared t show the tentative new boundaries and arguments were presented to show the advantages that would ensue. The S.A.R.M. vigorously opposed the proposal and the matter was dropped. Although this was largely a matter of concern to the reeves and councillors the secretary-treasurers felt they should give support to their employers.

It is noted that there have been recent discussion on enlarging rural municipalities. The Association, at it's convention in 1991 passed a resolution giving support to the S.A.R.M. position to retain the present system of local government.

In the mid 1950's the Saskatchewan Farmers' Union put on a drive and increased their membership manyfold. They were able to persuade the government to legislate provisions to have their yearly dues collected through the rural municipal offices at tax collection time. The Association registered strong opposition to the scheme in 1959 and it was discontinued.

"The annual curling competition for members of rural municipal councils has been a popular event since it was first organized by the Association in 1969. The competition begins locally and leads into separate playoffs between the divisions in the northern and southern parts of the province. A north-south playoff is then staged during the S.A.R.M. convention in March and the winner is presented with the R.M.A.A. Trophy as provincial champions for the year."