A Brief History of the first 75 years of the RMAA

In March, 1914 the Executive of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities provided that a time be set aside in their convention for secretary-treasurers to discuss matters concerning their work. This arrangement continued until 1921 when the secretary-treasurers formed themselves into an associated committee under the bylaws of the S.A.R.M. The S.A.R.M. was thereafter referred to as the "Parent Body" and the S.A.R.M. Executive as the "Central Executive" for as long as the Associated Committee existed. A set of Rules and Regulations was formally adopted in which the following Objects were stated in Section 3 thereof:

  1. To work in conjunction with the S.A.R.M. in all matters of public interest.
  2. To protect the interests of the council and public by insisting on a proper educational standard for all it's members and a high degree of honor and efficiency.
  3. To mutually assist each other in standardizing the work, methods and forms used in solving questions arising from the administration of the Acts.
  4. To secure a recognized standing of the profession and to provide means by examination for admission to the Association.
  5. To obtain recognition of the importance and responsibility of the municipal secretary's work and to protect the members of the Association carrying out their duties in accordance with the law and the dictates of honor and integrity.
  6. To secure for members adequate compensation for services rendered and satisfactory working conditions.
  7. To watch legislation relating to municipal work and to suggest to the Executive of the S.A.R.M., from time to time, such amendments that may be deemed advisable.

The Associated Committee continued until 1951 when it was dissolved and The Rural Municipal Secretary-Treasurers' Association of Saskatchewan was constituted as an autonomous organization. By an act of the legislature in 1955 the Association was constituted as a professional organization. The name was changed to The Rural Municipal Administrators' Association of Saskatchewan in 1981. In order to maintain a close relationship with the S.A.R.M. reciprocal provisions made to have the president of one organization serve as an ex officio member of the executive of the other.