2019 Asset Management Training Opportunities
Jan 25, 2019

2019 Asset Management Training Opportunities
After seeing great turnout from the last series of webinars and workshops, Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK) is pleased to offer more trainings in 2019!
The goal of this series is to build awareness and provide basic technical assistance for small urban and rural municipalities in Saskatchewan.  
Starting with a FREE Webinar Series, "The Building Blocks of the Asset Management Process"  The first round of the three part Webinar Series begins February 4th, 2019, with another round offered in April.  The following dates and topics are ready for registration.
February 4, April 1 Levels of Service Development
February 6, April 3 Risk Management
February 11, April 8 Long Term Financial Plan


Then. coming up in April, 2019,  AM-SK will be hosting the 3-day NAMS Canada training workshop across Saskatchewan. NAMS is a proven training program designed specifically for municipal government employees to integrate the efforts of the disciplines of public works, finance, administration and political leaders.


The trainings will take place in the following cities and dates:

Regina: April 23-25

Saskatoon: April 9-11

Prince Albert: April 30-May 2

For more information about Asset Management Saskatchewan, visit www.assetmanagementsk.ca


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